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content for brands, agencies &     people with hearts & brains.

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Big Teeth was founded back in 2005, and like an adolescent Andre the Giant, we continue to grow. In 2018, Big Teeth Productions introduced Big Teeth Films and Big Teeth Animation, two separate creative entities. While each focuses on distinct projects and clients, the shared energy and resources keep our creative and technical chops razor-sharp. While we continue to grow, we remain true to our core founding values of joy, family, and resourcefulness.


brand films

are our bread

& butter. GOOD

brand films are our jam.

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“Can you make it look cool?”

“Will it appeal to our audience?”

“Can donkeys and horses mate?”

Look, we want everything we do to be a visual masterpiece because it’s fun to do and can get amazing responses. But we recognize that the first thing that matters is “who is this for,” and “what should they do when they see it?” So what that means is we want to know the things that matter and then craft the right style of content for the project - which hopefully can also be a visual stunner at the same time.

We want to marry style AND substance. Both matter and both have to work together to tell the story you need to tell. We know that, and we live it.

Style vs


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