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Structural Racism is defined as the biases that have been built into the institutions people rely on for generations. It's a pervasive issue in the U.S. and solving the problem can feel overwhelming. Big Teeth became aware of Community Grand Rounds in early 2020 and immediately saw an opportunity to help spread their important message - which is to battle structural racism at a grassroots level in one county in Michigan, in the hopes that the successes can be replicated across the globe.


Big Teeth was tasked with taking this very weighty mission and creating a simple to understand introductory animation about what the issues is and steps that are being taken to educate the unaware and then put the findings into practice.


We worked collaboratively with CGR on the script to ensure we got the story right and then created a look and feel to balance the gravity of the subject with something watchable and relatable. 

To find out more or get involved visit the CGR Facebook Page.



Client: Community Grand Rounds

Written by: Gregg Jaffe, Mari Pat Varga

Director: Gregg Jaffe

Producer: Keriann Kwalik

Design/Animation: Becka Riccio

Sound Design & Voice Over: Bryan Ward

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