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A Chicago Tradition Gone Wild

“Dibs” is a Chicago tradition of “reserving” a shoveled-out parking space after a heavy snowfall by using anything and everything to block others from parking there. Much like everything else in life, everyone has a strong opinion on the subject. It spans whether you can use dibs at all, to how long you can claim dibs after you shoveled. We thought about some alternate ways that people might try to use Dibs in everyday life.


Are you Pro- or Anti-?

Episode 01: Dating

Episode 02: Pizza

Episode 03: Restaurant


Written & Directed by Gregg Jaffe
Producer: Mike Trivisonno
Director of Photography: Brendan Davis
Production Assistant: Shivani Goel
Location and Post Audio: Bryan Ward
Title Sequence Design: Becka Riccio


Brandon Lewis 
Cyrus Leddy
Emily Ember
Gabrielle Cross
Shivani Goel

Natalie Younger

Shot on location at Rocks Northcenter

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