& EdELman

 Big Teeth is excited about the opportunity to work with Edelman on this project. Based on what we know, our impression of the best creative direction would be using beautiful yet naturalistic cinematography where it looks great but has a documentary/slice of life feel to it. We also know that incorporating motion graphics in a cool and exciting way may be needed to help tell the story and ratchet up the visual intrigue. 

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Gran Gala

This hype piece for Gran Gala, a Sazerac brand, utilizes footage shot by Big Teeth along with stock to create a fun, high energy spot that is amplified by the graphics and music to match the brand's style.


Big Teeth worked with Swedish agency Acne to create this beautiful lifestyle brand film about a bike messenger and the path she's chosen. All production by Big Teeth, post by Acne/Sweden.


RoomIt by CWT

Big Teeth created this piece to help RoomIt launch the brand in a way that felt more modern than a typical travel industry video. The combination of motion graphics and footage (designed and captured by Big Teeth along with some stock) told the RoomIt story in a simple and cool way.



Here we worked with the actual people involved with MUSIC Inc, an after school program for low income Chicago kids. Our aim was to really show the community and how important this program was to the children and their families. Rather than a traditional documentary, we used a combination of scripted and interview audio to tell the story rather than talking heads.


Big Teeth Films & Animation Reel 

You know what a reel is! Here's a montage of some of our favorite work over the past few years. 


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