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At Big Teeth we are pro-learning. It’s a bold stance but we believe the children may actually be the future… and the adults too. OK, everyone is the future, so the more of us thinking critically and using knowledge for good - the better. That’s why Big Teeth has been working with academic institutions and related non-profit organizations for years, to help compel people towards the ultimate goal of learning new things.

University of Illinois Springfield

Campaign Film, Live-action 


Brand Awareness Film, Live-action 

The education video space can often be dull and overly jargon-ed. We make sure that the stories we tell are authentic and compelling to watch, the information is always accurate and presented in the most visually arresting way, and that how we tell the story is appropriate in tone and language for each specific audience.

School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Recruitment Campaign, Mixed Media 

University of Illinois-Chicago (UIC)

Recruitment Campaign, Live-action, Motion Graphics 

(some of)


Colleges & Universities 

  • University of Illinois at Chicago
  • University of Illinois Springfield

  • University of Illinois College of Medicine

  • The University of Texas Austin

  • School of the Art Institute of Chicago

  • Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota

  • Syracuse University

  • Queens University of Charlotte (North Carolina)

  • University of Birmingham (UK)

  • University of Scranton

  • Devry University

Academic Companies & Organizations
  • Sesame Street (HBO/PBS)

  • Wiley Deltak Publishing

  • University of Illinois Foundation

  • Apollo Education Group

  • ShorelightThe People’s Music School (After School Music Education)

  • Museum of Science+Industry Chicago

  • The People's Music School 
    (After School Music Education)

  • MUSIC Inc.
    (After School Music Education)

  • Mind Research Institute (Education Research)

  • Digital Promise (Innovation in Education)

  • Leap Innovations (Innovation in Education)

  • Dream Big Performing Arts Workshop

  • Quaracore 60-Second Math

Early Learning

  • Coonley Elementary
    (Chicago Public Schools)

  • Bateman Elementary
    (Chicago Public Schools)

  • Concordia Place ​
    (Private daycare, Pre-K)

  • School of St. Mary’s
    (Private, Lake Forest, IL)

  • The Frances Xavier Warde School (Private, Chicago)

  • Songbird Academy
    (Private daycare, Pre-K)


Recruitment Marketing for Program Admissions

Alumni Relations Communications

Brand Building Advertising Campaigns

Educational Animations and Course Materials

Fundraising Documentaries 

Educational Software and App Explainers

Donor Relations Videos

Campus Tour Videos

Research Films

Social Shorts

...and much more 

Big Teeth has been our go-to video/animation partner for a decade. I work at a large University and they've become a trusted vendor for colleges and units across our campus. They find a way to quickly embed themselves in our mission, vision, brand, values and community. Our planning processes are a combination of solid strategy and foresight and boundless creativity and fun. I've learned to rely heavily on their direction, advice and push back. The final product is always, without question, better than what we asked for and we're still sharing videos produced for us years ago. 


Executive Director of Donor Relations and Communications at University of Illinois at Chicago


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