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Thanks for your interest in this audition. Please fill out the form below, including an audition.  All submissions must be in by 5pm on Sunday, September 10.


The Dual Step Up Segment, an investment option available in the Structured Capital Strategies family of variable annuities, is a way for you to grow your retirement savings no matter what the market does.

This offers investment consistency whether the market is up, flat, or even takes a dip. In relation to a benchmark index, when the market is up, you’ll receive a guaranteed return equal to the performance cap rate that is set when you invest. And when the market is down, you’ll receive the same rate of return, as long as the index performance is greater than the segment buffer you elected.


If the index declines more than the Segment Buffer you chose, you can still remain confident knowing your investment is protected from the first 10% or 15% of loss.

Reach out to your financial professional to learn more today

Rate: $400 for Session + 2 year buyout (for 2 videos). Usage: web (earned and owned), internal. 

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