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Like the jaunty taste bud, Big Teeth will deliver the chemical reaction right to the brain for whatever sensation you want your customers to have. We work in a visual medium that, when done right, can guide the imagination to feel like it’s actually tasting or experiencing whatever is on the screen.

Cayman Jack

Comedic Brand Film, Mixed Media Animation, Collage

Kernel Season's

Brand Awareness Film, Product Launch, Mixed Media Tabletop

SoCo Tahini

Animation, Social Shorts, Brand, Product

Watch more videos from campaign

Primehouse (David Burke Restaurant) 

Promotional Brand Film, Live-action, Tabletop

Big Teeth has partnered with agencies and brands to market or educate on a variety of food, beverage, and alcohol products. Whether you have an existing brand that needs to find a wider audience, you want to drive sales to a new product, or you’re launching something new, we’ve got the right ingredients to craft just the type of video content you need.

LaGrow IPA Social Short

Animation, Social Shorts, Brand, Product


Watch more videos from the campaign 

Gran Gala

Sales Presentation Film, Live-action with Motion Graphics

Nielsen-Massey Vanillas

Educational Process Film, Mixed Media Animation

Tasty Shakes

Brand Film, Product Demo, Tabletop, Motion Graphics

(some of)


  • National Pork Board

  • Quaker

  • Seattle’s Best Coffee

  • Corazon Tequila

  • Cayman Jack Premium Malt Beverage

  • Cherry Marketing Institute

  • Nutella

  • Kraft Singles

  • Mister Submarine

  • SoCo Tahini

  • Hudson-Leramo Beverage Group

  • Cornelius Beverage Dispensing

  • Corkbin Wine App

  • PLZ Corp (Manufacture Cooking & Baking Sprays) 

  • Milk Processor Education Program (MilkPEP)​
  • GrubHub
  • Seattle’s Best Coffee
  • Tropicana
  • Fooda
  • Gran Gala Liqueur
  • Saucy Porka Restaurant
  • Ron of Japan Restaurant
  • David Burke Primehouse
  • Upgrade Restaurant Consulting
  • Aunt Nellie’s Pickled Beets
  • WeGrow
  • Kilo Kai Rum
  • Glass Mountain (Terlato) Wines
  • Horner Park Farmer's Market (Chicago) 
  • Foiled Cupcakes
  • Nielsen-Massey Vanillas

  • Pizza Hut

  • Chicago Custom Foods

    • Kernel Season’s Brand

    • Tasty Shakes Brand

  • Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza

  • Common Pantry

  • Fooditude

  • Pedigree (Pet Food)

  • Nurture Life

  • Twisted Hippo Brewing

  • LaGrow Organic Beer Co. 

  • Spiteful Brewing

  • Smylie Bros. Brewing

  • Dovetail Brewery


Brand Awareness Advertising

Tradeshow / Informative Sales Videos

Manufacturing Process Videos / Behind the scenes

Educational videos regarding ingredients, origins, sustainability, etc. 

Explainers regarding quality, safety and other detail-specific topics

Recipe/Product Demos

Company Culture Documentaries

New Product Launches

Customer Testimonials

Seasonal / promotional campaign videos

...and much more

"As crafters of some of the world's most iconic and pure flavors, it can be difficult to explain all the factors that go into growing, harvesting, curing and processing vanilla - and how they all contribute to its priceless flavor impact. Big Teeth distilled a large amount of information into a simple but sophisticated and educational mixed media animation that helps explain those variables within 60 seconds. The animation was created over 4 years ago but it continues to be prominently featured on our digital channels as its usefulness is evergreen."


Nielsen-Massey Vanillas, Manager of Sustainability Programs


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