Meet the wonderfully awful characters of
Lollapalooza music fest.

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Suburban daddy issues girl

Annoyingness: 13

attention seeking: 15

clothing: optional - 2

Favorite bandS: post malone, lizzo, lil nas x, billie eilish

Daddy Issues.png

zoom attendee

Annoyingness: 14
IT IQ: -4 Below bandwidth
Number of mute mishaps: Too many to count


frat bro looking for molly

Annoyingness: 10.3

Broness: Bro level critical - 12

Tank top game: on point - 9.3

Favorite bandS: Chainsmokers, David Guetta, or anything with that sick drop.

Frat Bro.png

Covid control freak

Annoyingness: 7.7
Germaphobic Level: 

Quarantine-Critical 10

Favorite band: Marshmello (good face coverage)
Number of extra masks on hand: A Fauci-approved 5


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flower crown girl

Annoyingness: 7.2

hippiness: trying too hard - 5

Fornication: Highly likely - 11

Favorite bandS: lana del rey, Tallest man on earth, fleetfoxes, iron and wine, jose' gonzalez

Flower Crown.png

gin pirate

Annoyingness: 6.2

resourcefulness: 13

bragging about not buying booze: 14

age: 17

Favorite bandS: spoon, foster the people, tame impala, 

Gin Pirate.png

wannabe cool dad

Annoyingness: 7.1

coolness: staggering - 3.2

attempt to fit in: - 2

Favorite bandS: 21 pilots, weezy... all the coolest ones

Cool Dad.png

sweaty shirtless dude

Annoyingness: 7.1

moistness: sweat level midnight - 16

Favorite bandS: danzig, gwar, 

lamb of god, killswitch engage

Sweaty Dude.png


Annoyingness: 13.8

Goals: Getting the perfect shot - 10

Favorite bandS: None, just there for the likes


mega list dude

Annoyingness: 6.8

goals: seeing every stage (minus the main stages) - 9.4

hipsterness: hipster ground zer0 - 14

Favorite bandS: you've probably never heard of them

Mega List Dude.png

giant headphones toddler mom

Annoyingness: 5.2

parenting: 4.3

glory days - long past 3.5

Favorite bandS: ariana grande, ariana grande, ariana grande

Mom with Kid.png

for the cause girl

Annoyingness: 23

causes: 18.4

chances of saving the world: - 0

Favorite bandS: Jack johnson, Arlo Guthrie, 30 seconds from mars, u2

For The Cause Girl.png

conference call lady

Annoyingness: 8.4

letting people know she's supposed to be at work: 15

number of calls: 8

Favorite bandS: beyonce, drake, sam smith, ed sheeran

Conference Call Girl.PNG

mixtape guy

Annoyingness: 10.2

Number of passed out tapes in the garbage: 55

Musical talent: .03

Favorite bandS: I mostly like producers more than artists

Mixed Tape Guy.png


Writer/director: Gregg Jaffe

Design/AniMATION: Becka Riccio, Morgan Mathew & 
cristina rendon

Animator: becka riccio, morgan Mathew 

voice over: meg grunewald, cyrus leddy, erin zhang, GREGG JAFFE, ELISE JAFFE, BRYAN WARD, CECILIA BUTLER

Producers: Mike Trivisonno, Keriann Kwalik

Audio MIX: bryan ward