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"It's Time" TV Campaign


Working with Oak Street Health, we developed this TV spot targeted towards their older demographic in various markets around the midwest. The goal was to use clear and bold copy to deliver the brand messaging, while still keeping the tone upbeat with slightly quicker cuts. The final delivery was 1 :60sec version and 1 :30sec cut down.



Client: Oak Street Health

Director/Editor: Gregg Jaffe

Executive Producer: Elise Jaffe

Producer: Mike Trivisonno

DP: Brandon Riley

DP Day 2: Jason Gerber

Animator & Art Director: Becka Riccio

Gaffer: Jim Peterson

PA Craft: Brittany Wagner

PA/Hair & Make Up: Alva Egan

Grip: Bryan Ward

Colorist: Paul Galati Cinema Light Co

Audio Mix: Bryan Ward

Featured Extras: Cleveland Fields, Gloria Krause, Elizabeth Ester, Hank Johnson, Paulette Jimenez, Judi Schindler


We used the concept of time to hit on Oak Street Health's selling point of spending more time with your doctor whenever you need it. The style of shots and the use of split-screens also help keep the tone lively and energetic in order to connect with the demographic in a fun and interesting way. 

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