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"Walk With Me" Web Spot



UT’s launch of an online version of their successful on-campus Business Foundations Program is big news in the world of higher ed, and online learning. This spot was produced as an introduction to the online program and had a pretty wide net in terms of target audience. Our goal was to show just enough of the program to make it intriguing and presented in a fun way rather than just spew out a bunch of stats and figures.



Client: Deltak-Wiley/University of Texas

Director: Gregg Jaffe

Executive Producer: Elise Jaffe

Producer: Danny McCarthy

Director of Photography: Patrick Lewtschanyn

Gaffer: Christopher “Zet” Smith

Assistant Camera: Tom Kinstle

Audio Engineer: Joe Flood

Production Assistant: Frances Claudio

Production Assistant: Galya Loeb

Hair/Makeup/Wardrobe: Zee Gustafson

Art Director/Animator: Sara Goehner

Editor: Skylar Wesby

Audio Post: Bryan Ward

Talent: Nick Freed

Extras: Natalie Mueller, Jeri Lacson, Shannon Hubman, Mark Rudy, Sara Goehner, Danielle Papakanelou, Skylar Wesby, Galya Loeb, Alex Gonzalez, Dillon Spranley, Jimmy Adamson, Zach Weiss

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