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Fooditude is a reality-based episodic television program for “Tweens" (children between 8 and 12) that keeps kids and food as its central theme. The program interactively teaches the basics of cooking and nutrition in a fun, relevant and age appropriate way with guest appearances by food professionals, chefs and recognizable personalities.



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It is nearly impossible to pinpoint exactly why 18% of kids ages six to eleven are considered obese. Over-consumption of television, the Internet and video games has led to inactivity, which could be the cause of weight gain. In addition, only 36% of U.S. children between the ages of two and nineteen eat the recommended servings of vegetables a day, and 26% eat the recommended servings of fruit.


Our ever-changing landscape of eating habits is not helping the situation either. Americans spend an average of 25 minutes eating a meal, and when this meal is eaten together as a family, it is quite often at restaurants, including fast food venues, where portion sizes are larger than the USDA’s portion size recommendations, leading to the consumption of larger amounts of food.


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Episode segments include: Team Cook - A play on a pre-game in a locker room, kids make a  game plan to find ingredients for their recipe. Off the Map - Kids discover food origins and places to sample ethnic foods in their own neighborhood. Food Lab - The Fooditude character “Y-Guy” gives a peek into the world of food science. Environmentally Speaking - Kids learn about being environmentally responsible with their leftovers.







Executive Producer: Elise Jaffe

Director: Elise Jaffe

Writers: Kerry O'Tolski, Terin Izil
Animator: Tim Berthiaume

Designer: Dan Pederson

Audio Mix: Steve Vandeven

Voice Over: Elise Jaffe, Charlie Weber, Lucy Brumfield