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"My tattoo my story"

ghd Global Pink Campaign Film & Documentary



the project

The ghd "My Tattoo, My Story" campaign focuses on Chicago tattoo artist David Allen, and his acclaimed cover up tattoos for women who have had mastectomies stemming from breast cancer. David partnered with ghd to feature his artwork on one of ghd's hair straighteners to raise money for Living Beyond Breast Cancer, a breast cancer non-profit organization. 


London ad agency Southpaw developed the concept with ghd and brought Big Teeth in to bring the campaign to life, detailing the story of Grace, a breast cancer survivor, who's tattoo artwork can be seen on the ghd Ink on Pink straightener. The story also features Molly, a breast cancer survivor who received her first tattoo from David Allen during our filming. 


The project was shot over a three day period on location at David Allen's studio, to give a glimpse into the lives of David and Grace, and their now life-long connection through grief and rebirth, reminiscent of the floral tattoo patterns David is known for. The global campaign can be seen in all major markets with featured stories in Vogue, Glamour, Vanity Fair, BBC broadcast, and many more.

David Allen_edited.jpg


David Allen

Since 2010, David has been using art to support women affected by breast cancer to conceal their scars and is widely recognized within the medical community, working with oncologists for advice when creating these intricate designs.“I had open heart surgery when I was 9 months old – and so I was aware of scars and markings on the body. You start to know your good and bad angles – what is and isn’t comfortable. Some women have connections with different types of flowers: it can be a childhood memory for example. Women seem to attach meaning to very specific flowers. They find beauty within it whether it’s rebirth, life.”

- David Allen from ghd




Meet Grace Lombardo, the face of this year's ghd pink campaign. A 38 year old mother of three, living in Chicago. In April 2016, Grace was diagnosed with breast cancer, going through a bilateral mastectomy. A year later, she trusted David to conceal her scars. “By replacing my damaged and scarred skin with fine art, David gave me the ability to love my body.”

- Grace from ghd


Molly Weingart is a 33-year-old woman living in Philadelphia training to be a Physical Therapist. Diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 32, Molly was tattooed by Chicago-based tattoo artist David Allen on the shoot of the ghd pink campaign. She came to the shoot with her mom Deborah, who survived from breast cancer herself, 20 years ago. “I didn’t expect or even believe that getting tattooed by David could make me feel beautiful again— it did—or that instead of feeling like a medical oddity, I would feel like I’m a walking piece of art and my body is the canvas.”

- Molly from ghd



Visit ghd to learn more about the campaign and purchase the Pink product.



Client: GHD

Agency: Southpaw

Creative Director: Glenn Smith

Creative Producer: Sam Jones

Senior Account Manager: Zara Camble

Tattoo Artist: David Allen

Starring: Grace Lombardo

Featuring: Molly Weingart

Director: Elise Jaffe

Producer: Mike Trivisonno

DP: Patrick Lewtschanyn

Photographer: Kirsten Miccoli

Gaffer: Ryan Kolegas

Grip: Sean O'Leary

Makeup: Kate Johnson

Wardrobe: Jessica Sheehan

GHD Hair Stylist: Christina McCarver

Production Coordinator: Shivani Goel

Production Assistants: Jackie Frole, Colin Boie

Photography Assistants: Kassi Cork, Stephen Sloan

DIT: Bryan Ward

Digital Creative/Editor: Liam Hayes

Designer: Ben Kemp

Retouching & Artwork: Scott Wackett

Special Thanks: Special thanks to David Allen, Grace Lombardo, the Lombardo family, Molly Weingart, and the Weingart family. 

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