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Life After Hate

Social Good, Mixed Media

Can people change? Thats the big questions we had to ask when Big Teeth visited some dark, uncomfortable spaces to create a series of videos for Life After Hate (LAH). LAH is an organization founded by former extremists helping others escape a violent and unsustainable lifestyle. While obviously a huge challenge creatively, we were excited for the opportunity to be part of something so important.


After listening to research, psychology and personal stories from LAH we devised a visual style and language that had to resemble the type of propaganda that far-right extremists create to provoke a reaction, while then flipping the script to show a way out. In today’s social media driven landscape where it’s often easier to judge and punish a person for being their worst, Life After Hate is doing essential work in seeking empathy (no matter how hard it may be) and giving people a chance to find a more positive place in this world.

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Big Teeth Films & Animation



Executive Producer: Elise Jaffe

Writer/Director: Gregg Jaffe

Producer: Keriann Kwailk 

Design/Animation: Brian Davis

Audio: Bryan Ward

Production Coordinator: Cecilia Butler

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