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Big Teeth Audio Studio

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Need to record high quality audio, but don't have the right location or gear? Our studio is set up to be a versatile space to achieve great sound in a laid back, easy to access environment.

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Demo Reel  $800

Are you a voice talent in need of a fresh demo reel? We've recorded thousands of voice sessions that deliver the professional quality sound you need to sound legit and get hired. Take your sound to the next level.

  • Half-hour consultation with director to make best use of your session.

  • Director selection of possible sample scripts to play to your strengths (up to 5)

  • 1-hour in studio with director and sound engineer

  • Demo reel will include stock music and sound design

  • Audio mix done by Sound Engineer (can also include tracks provided by talent)

    • Up to 1 minute in length

Parallel Lines


Rentals by the hour

($100/hour, includes engineer)

Whether you're ready to uncover the latest true crime saga or need to discuss the topics of the day, we can help take your idea and make it a reality. You focus on the content and we'll make sure you don't sound like you're at the bottom of an empty pool

  • Get raw audio files if you want to edit yourself.

  • Need more polish? Our engineer will clean up and mix the podcast
    (cost quote based on project scope)

  • Save money with pre-paid package time

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The following examples were recorded in the Big Teeth Studio and mixed/engineered by our team.

VO Demo Reel

VO Demo Reel (Portugeuse)

Sesame Street Short (VO & Mix)

Podcast (excerpt)

VO Demo Reel

HERE "Inclusivity" (VO, Mix & Sound Design)

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Got questions about the studio rental? Let us know.

Thanks for submitting. Someone will respond within 24 hours.
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