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When it comes to working with people it helps to be... people (no offense AIs). We excel at our peoplehood and have spent years creating authentic content that gets at the heart of the subject. 

MUSIC Inc. is an after-school arts education program for Chicago kids who lack these programs in their schools. We developed a short documentary to show how important music education is to the whole child and the community.

Music Inc

This campaign film speaks to the UIS overall message while also working to attract fundraising from donors and alumni.

UI Springfield.png

This emotional film highlights the collaboration between Good Hair Day (ghd) and a Chicago tattoo artist who creates scar coverup tattoos breast cancer survivors.

ghd (Southpaw)

A brand documentary showing the day in the life of a bike messenger, and how her lifestyle aligns with IKEA products. 


A look at how a company comes together for a single purpose of doing the best for their customers.

plz film cutout.png

This short documentary tells the story of how HERE maps acquired tech company Earthmine to combine their strengths.


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