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Planned Parenthood of Illinois

Mission Video, Mixed Media

Planned Parenthood of Illinois is so essential to the lives of so many people so we were honored to help them spread awareness of all the good they do with a 2 video series of mixed-media animations. Given that most people have a fixed idea of what Planned Parenthood is and what it does, we wanted to be sure that the language we used and story we told emphasized the wide range of services offered and the huge breadth of people that can access these services. We wanted to reinforce the positives and clear up some misconceptions.

Stylistically the goal was to create something interesting and modern looking that would appeal to most people. This is meant to be upbeat and positive to show that the PP environment is one of warmth, and safety.





Make a Different, Planned Parenthood
Planned Parenthood & Big Teeth
Planned Parenthood of Illinois

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Client: Planned Parenthood of Illinois

Executive Producer: Elise Jaffe

Writer/Director: Gregg Jaffe

Animator/Designer: Becka Riccio

Audio Mix: Bryan Ward

Voice Over: Veronica Dillard, Issa Lopez

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