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Big Teeth created this spot as the start of a campaign to launch Scrub30, a bath product subscription start-up. The premise of the campaign was to take viewers through a look at bathing throughout history and ultimately show that sometimes trying to get clean is actually dirty business.


Stylistically, we wanted to play with the commonly used "walk and talk" spokesperson used by many start-ups. Rather than walk through different rooms of a warehouse, we took them through different eras of history.


NOTE: The bath scrubber product shown in this video does not represent the final product offered with subscription.



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Starring: Cat Ring & Michael Aviles
Extras: Galya Loeb, Bryce Read, Matt Mroczek, Andrew O'Rourke

Director/Writer: Gregg Jaffe
Executive Producer: Elise Jaffe
Director of Photography: Patrick Lewtschanyn 
Production Coordinator: Brittany Wagner
Production Manager: Mike Trivisonno
Gaffer: Phil Contarsi 
Grip: Dan Olas
Art Director: Angie Campos
Assistant Art Director: Eric Luchen
Prop Assistants: Brittany Wagner, Alva Egan
Hair, Makeup, Wardrobe: Kate Johnson
Artist, Styling Assistant: Shannon Rodriguez
Sound Mixer: Abby Young

Script Supervisor: Julie Schultz
DIT: Mike Trivisonno
Craft Service: Brittany Wagner
Production Assistant: Julie Schultz, Alva Egan


Edit: Julie Schultz, Gregg Jaffe
Motion Graphics: Jackie Avellar
Audio Mix & Sound Design: Bryan Ward