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I’ve been producing since the moment I could talk. I was bossy, always picked as the leader in a group project and helped keep all my friends (and sometimes family) on track. I was raised to be independent and financially responsible, so managing people and budgets is just in my nature. 

I began producing my own TV spots at Grey Advertising at 24 years old but I’m glad my career has expanded to all types of content. TV, Radio, Social Campaigns, Documentaries, Explainers, Live-Action, Animation and Mixed Media. I produce content from six seconds to feature length, and with whatever budget I'm given, I bring the same "me" to the table for any project I have the pleasure of working on. 



I directed my first mock radio program at 10 and never lost the passion. Much of my directing work in my younger years was done in theater, specifically with children. As my career turned from the stage to the screen I was lucky enough to be given opportunities to expand my directing portfolio. Sitting down with real people talking about their real life inspires me and fulfills me.  Working at an Ad Agency has allowed me to see how I can bring creativity and honesty to brand work. I will never want to stop helping people tell stories that inspire and educate but also entertain. 



I am a talker… I like my voice being heard. I never sit silently in the corner. That is why as a producer, when given the chance I would always volunteer to be the scratch VO for my TV spots back in the day. It made me sad to be replaced by a celebrity! Ten years into my career I decided it was time to put together my demo reel. I submitted to agents and lo and behold one of them wanted me! I am now a proud SAG-AFTRA member.  I love getting in the booth and hope that while my singing voice may be slowly

listen to THE reel

Elise Jaffe Voice Over Demo Reel
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