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MixED MEdia

This creative technique uses more than one style to convey to tell a story. (Styles might include 2D, stop motion, live action, etc.)


Big Teeth collaborated with Conde Naste in creating the animation components for the pilot episode of “Career Confessions” a YouTube original series.

Conde Nast

Our team created a stop motion animation simulation of the infamous Instagram swipe for this social-friendly re-brand video.

Seattle's Best

This interesting and modern piece helps to portray the wide range of services offered by PPIL in an upbeat tone.

Planned Parenthood of Illinois

Big Teeth created a style that was light and playful as a way to share the brand and give some basic tips on how and when to use the product.

Kernel Season's

Our team developed a style by mixing real imagery along with animation and motion graphics to keep the film entertaining but still informational. 


Cayman Jack celebrated National Margarita Day with 2D style video, which compliments the history book style of the creative while keeping it light and colorful. 

Cayman Jack
Cayman Jack

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